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Health Problems You Can Avoid with EZ Breathe

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According to the Environment Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air quality in many American homes is worse than outdoor air quality. Several scientific studies have supported this assertion too. However, not many people really understand the effects of the air quality on their health.

Many people assume that having an air conditioner will help to keep the air in their homes healthy. However, air conditioners are proving to be responsible for various health problems.

  1. Breathing problems

Air conditioners rely on air filters to prevent the recirculation of particulate pollutants, such as pollen and mold spores in the air. However, these filters must be changed regularly to ensure efficiency. Not many people change air filters as often as they ought to. This exposes them to pollutants, such as black mold spores and other microorganisms.

EZ breathe doesn’t rely on an air filter to get rid of pollutants. It works by expelling polluted air out of the home and forcing fresh air from the outdoors into the home. You can therefore always be sure of good indoor air quality. This reduces chances of developing respiratory problems.

  1. Sick building syndrome

Many people who spend a lot of time indoors often feel out of energy, experience headaches and feel generally ill. This has been described as sick building syndrome. It is common amongst people who spend a lot of time in air conditioned spaces. The best way to manage or avoid the condition is to step outside for some fresh air.

However, you can make your indoor environment just as healthy as the external environment by investing in EZ Breathe. The system circulates air from the outside into the home. It’s just like taking some time outdoors.

  1. Dry skin

An air conditioned environment is in many cases a cold and dry environment. While many people think this is great for keeping the home free from mold, it can have a negative impact on your skin as well as your respiratory system. This environment can result in the development of dry skin as well as infections of the nose, eyes and throat.

The EZ Breathe system ensures that humidity levels are comfortable by circulating humid air from the inside to the outside of the home and bringing air with reasonable levels of humidity into the home. It’s just like opening a window. There are therefore reduced chances of suffering the same irritation as you would with an air conditioner.

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