Common Crawl Space Waterproofing Myths – Delaware Valley, PA

Are you considering waterproofing your crawl space? Closing off the crawl space completely is the best choice if you want to prevent moisture problems. As you search the web for information on crawl space waterproofing however, it is important to be wary of common myths that could cause you to be misled. The care of…

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4 Major Considerations Before You Embark on Foundation Crack Repair – Chester County, PA

If you’re a homeowner, there is a strong likelihood that you will need to invest in some type of foundation crack repair. There are various options available for crack repair. Ensuring the best results is therefore a matter of choosing the best solution for your particular situation. The following are some factors to consider when…

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All You Need To Know About Hiring A Waterproofing Company – Exton, PA

Selecting a professional for your waterproofing needs is an important decision. To help you out, we’ve created a checklist including many of the important items you should insist a waterproofing company have before you accept an estimate. • Are they a member of the BBB? • How many Google reviews do they have? • Are…

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santa fe dehumidifier

Getting Ready for Allergy Season with a Santa Fe Dehumidifier

Santa Fe Dehumidifier If you suffer from allergies, you’re not alone. Millions of Americans don’t look forward to spring because it means the return of their allergies. While spring brings with it sunshine, fresh blooms and the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors once again, it also comes with various allergens including pollen as well as…

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moisture barriers

A Guide to Moisture Barriers in Philadelphia PA

Moisture Barriers in Philadelphia PA Waterproofing a crawl space is necessary for the health and safety of your household. There are various things that go into ensuring a crawl space remains dry. However, none is as important as the moisture barrier. Unfortunately, not many people give it too much thought. Moisture barriers are the heart…

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ez breathe

Allergens and Irritants in the Home that EZ Breathe Can Help You Deal With

EZ Breathe There are over 25 million people suffering from asthma in the US. 7 million of those people are children. These are figures released by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA). The foundation further found that more than half the population of the US is exposed to one or more allergens daily….

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water problems

Your Neighbor Could be the Cause of Your Water Problems in Exton PA

Water Problems in Exton PA You’ve been looking forward to the warm summer months and they’re finally here. You can finally spend some time outdoors. However, your basement is worrying you. Although it isn’t raining or snowing, your basement is showing signs of water damage. What could be the source of your problem? If you’ve…

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exterior waterproofing

Using Comprehensive Exterior Waterproofing to Protect Your Home

Exterior Waterproofing When you build or buy your home, the last thing on your mind is foundation repair. However, the Concrete Foundation Association (CFA) says foundation damage is one of the top projects its members deal with today. Foundation walls are susceptible to water damage, which in turn leads to basement leakage. The location of…

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basement moisture

A Guide to Understanding Basement Moisture in Philadelphia PA

Basement Moisture in Philadelphia PA If your home has a basement as most do, it is likely that you have encountered some form of moisture problem. However, this is not to be confused with water leaks though they are closely related. In fact, if you have done some research hoping to find a solution to…

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French drain installation

Interior French Drain Installation Systems

French Drain Installation French drains are an effective way to keep basements dry. There are many contractors that can assist you with French drain installation; however, the systems they use may differ. The following are the 3 basic systems commonly used for the installation of French drains today: Above floor systems Also known as Beaver…

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