How Ground Water Can Seep into Your Basement

How Does Ground Water Get in My Basement?

Most basement contractors have to deal with ground water leaks on a regular basis. These leaks are caused by the collection of rainwater or the presence of a spring underneath the basement. This exerts pressure on the foundation walls of the basement, known as hydrostatic pressure. The pressure from the saturated soil causes water to leak through once the water levels are higher than that of the basement floor. Water will leak through a variety of sources and cause severe damage. Let us take a look at some of the most common sources.

Basement Wall Cracks

If there are any cracks in your basement wall, this is where ground water will leak through first. Any cracks on the basement wall, especially horizontal ones, should be looked at right away as they may indicate a problem with the foundation. Basement waterproofing can stop the leaks and prevent the widening of these cracks.

Pipe Penetration Leak

Any pipes that are not properly sealed into the wall will allow water to leak into the basement from outside. Other than pipes, improperly connected sewage lines, electrical wires, and other small openings can lead to water leaks. This can get dangerous for residents, especially in the case of electrical wires. These leaks are harder to fix as pipes expand and shrink depending on the temperature.

Floor Joint Leaks

When water starts leaking from the corners and cracks on the floor, it will seep upwards. It can leak through the walls especially in cases of stone and block walls. Leaks from these areas are very common as the floor joint is the weakest part of the foundation. To deal with this problem, you might have to invest in professional basement waterproofing.

Window Leaks

When water starts trickling through the windows and leaks to the basement floor, it is usually caused by all hydrostatic pressure but is made worse by external water, snow, and debris. Rusty windows add to the problem, especially if they are made of wood or steel.

All of these sources lead to the destruction of your basement as they will cause flooding and damage to everything from furniture to decorative materials. Basement Waterproofing through french drains and other methods can help solve the problem and save your basement. Waterproofing your basement will not only help to protect your basement and the foundation of the home but will also help to increase the market value of your home.

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