What to Expect During Exterior Waterproofing in Philadelphia PA

Exterior Waterproofing in Philadelphia PA

Your basement has been leaking and you found a professional contractor you trust to deal with the issue. This is the first step to ensuring a long term solution to the leak. After considering the options, you decided to go with exterior waterproofing and now you’re wondering what to expect.

Waterproofing your basement from the outside is an effective way to keep water out of your basement. It is a great choice if you have a finished basement and want to avoid destroying your investment. All the work will be done from the outside. This means little to no disruption to the interior of your home.


The first step in exterior waterproofing is excavating the foundation to expose the foundation walls. The earth around the foundation is removed and the walls carefully inspected. In order to ensure this is done safely, site preparation is carried out. This involves marking the paths of underground utilities, such as electronic, gas, sewer and water lines. This ensures that they are not damaged.


The next step is to apply a waterproof barrier on the exterior surface of the basement. Before this is done, the crew will check on the integrity of the wall. They will repair any parts of the foundation that need to be repaired using a sealant.

The waterproof membrane is then applied to the foundation wall. The specific type of membrane and the methods used to make it secure and seal it depend on the system selected for the waterproofing process. It also depends on the preferences of your contractor.

Exterior footer drains

Although this is not a requirement, it improves the results of waterproofing. Footer drains act to protect your foundation in the long run. Your contractor will determine whether it is possible to install footer drains or not. Your home must have adequate slope to accommodate the drains since a significant amount of water must be carried away from the footer’s base.


The area that was excavated is then backfilled with gravel in accordance with building code. This helps to reduce pressure on the foundation walls. The landscape around the foundation can then be restored.

Understanding what to expect during exterior waterproofing will help you ensure that you get the best possible services. It is also important to ensure that your contractor provides a warranty for their work. This ensures that you can call them back in case you experience any further problems with your basement.

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