At Worthington Basement Health Systems, we offer a couple different outstanding products that help address moisture in the air. 

Santa Fe dehumidifiers are top of the line dehumidifiers for both residential and commercial spaces. They’re particularly popular in basements and crawl spaces and are known for standing the test of rough conditions and time. These units are consistently ranked as the most energy efficient dehumidifiers on the market, and many models are Energy Star-qualified for money-saving operation. You can expect them to remove at least 100 pints of damaging moisture per day and to have a number of versatile installation options including standalone or ducted operation. Plus, Santa Fe dehumidifiers are proudly made in the USA by Madison, Wisconsin-based Therma-Stor.

E•Z Breathe®: The efficient choice for a healthy home

The E•Z Breathe® System is a maintenance free unit that helps protect your home and family from excess moisture, molds, toxins, allergies and poor air quality resulting in a cleaner, healthier living environment. It provides powerful ventilation, supporting the EPA’s recommendations to use a ventilated system to reduce indoor air pollution.
• Maintenance free and easy to operate with no filters to change or buckets of water to empty
• Energy efficient: Costs less than $2-4 per month to operate
• Large capacity: One E•Z Breathe® unit does work comparable to seven dehumidifiers
• Versatile: E•Z Breathe® is used in full basements, slabs or crawl spaces
• ‘85% reduction in airborne dust particles’