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Things You Need to Know About Egress Windows in Exton PA

Egress Windows in Exton PA

Are you planning to have egress windows installed in your basement? If so, there are a few things you should know.

  1. There are strict requirements for egress windows

Unlike other windows in the home, you don’t have free reign over what type of size of windows you choose for your basement. There are strict codes that have been set for these windows. These codes ensure that the windows are installed safely and are able to function as they are meant to. This is because these windows are for much more than letting light and air into the basement. They are also vital for safety and emergencies. They are emergency exits from the home. They also serve as an entrance for emergency personnel.

It is therefore important to understand the building codes in your area. They will outline the exact measurements for windows as well as other factors that will guide your selection of windows.

  1. Proper planning is necessary

Many people assume that they can simply select a window and have it installed without having a plan. However, they find that a lot of issues arise in the course of the project. A plan that is clear and documented can help to avoid these situations. Proper planning will also help to keep your project organized and within budget.

  1. Installing egress windows is a job for professionals

If you’re a serial DIYer, this is one those projects that you ought to leave to the professionals. Installing these windows requires a greater level of experience and knowledge than with other windows around the home. You will be dealing with the foundation of your home. Any mistakes could result in serious problems with the foundation. These could be expensive to repair.

A professional team will ensure that the windows are installed safely and correctly. They’ll also ensure that they meet local building codes.

  1. Not all contractors are created the same

Don’t pick the first contractor you come across on the internet. Check to see that they are actually licensed contractors. They should also have experience installing the types of windows you are interested in.

Inexperienced contractors are likely to cause more harm than good. They may damage electrical cables, sewer lines or worse still, your foundation. Contact an experienced contractor that can provide references for their work. This will ensure that you get the best results for the installation of your windows.

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