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Tell-Tale Signs of Water Problems That You Should Not Ignore

Signs of Water Problems

Water problems often go unnoticed by the occupants of a home until they cause a major problem. This is often because many people don’t know what signs to look out for. Identifying a water problem in its early stages will give you the opportunity to repair the problem before it gets out of hand. This will save you a lot of money, time and heartache.

The following are some of the biggest signs that you have water problems:

Pools of Standing Water

If you come across a pool of standing water in your basement, you have a water problem. Standing water can range from a small pool of water to large puddles or the flooding of the entire basement. Avoid the temptation to ignore even the smallest pool of water. It could indicate a problem that could escalate in time to cause the flooding of the entire basement.

Inspect pipes and other services in the basement for leaks. This will help rule out any other sources of water. Call a waterproofing contractor to inspect your basement and identify the source of the leak.


Is there mud in your basement? Many people chalk this up to having an old basement. However, where there is mud there is water. If you spot mud in your basement, you’re probably dealing with a water seepage problem. Treat mud just as you would a standing puddle of water and have your basement inspected.


Mold are a clear sign of a moisture problem. Mold thrive in areas where moisture levels are high. High levels of moisture in the home could be the result of activities in the home, such as cooking and showering. The moisture could also be the result of leaking pipes or drains. It could also be the result of a water seepage problem in the foundation of your home. Be sure to exhaust every possibility by having your home inspected.

Insect/Rodent Infestations

Sometimes water problems aren’t so obvious. They may be manifested through increased rodent or insect activity or infestations. This is because these pests are attracted to environments that have high levels of moisture or water. If you notice insects or pests in your home, you could be dealing with a much deeper problem than the exterminator can assist you with. Have your home inspected for leaks in the basement to be sure.


This is the formation of crystals on the walls of the foundation. It occurs as minerals leach through the walls as a result of the movement of water. The minerals are deposited on the surface of the walls and form crystals.

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