Just as we broke down the problems

Just as we broke down the problems into different categories, we also break down the solutions into different categories.

Surface Water Solutions

There are 3 main approaches to handling a surface water problem.  The appropriate solution determines on each individual problem.Sometimes more than one solution is required.

Ground Water Solutions

In today’s world, most homes with a French Drain will require a sump pump.    A sump pump sits in a bucket called a ‘crock’.

Moisture Solutions

A Whole Home Ventilation System in essence reverses the Stack Effect in your home.  By placing the unit in the lowest level of your home,

Structural Solutions

Everyone wants the peace of mind of knowing they are living in a healthy home. What most homeowners don’t know is if their basement is unhealthy, there’s a high probability this is creating a unhealthy home.

Health Solutions

(this is not a link because we are not doctors, and therefore cannot help you with health solutions.
But properly implementing all of the necessary  solutions above will help eliminate the sources of many of your health problems.)

Below is a diagram showing all of the proper ways to protect your home against water and moisture.  How does your home compare?