A personal story about basement health.

Hello. My name is Sean Worthington. I am the owner of Worthington Basement Health Systems. I want to tell you a story about how our comprehensive basement health services make a real difference in the health and safety of our customer’s homes. I personally know this to be true because the following story is about my own family and my own home.

My wife and I just recently brought home our newborn son. About a week later our 2 year old daughter came down with a fever and had a runny nose. We were concerned, but figured she picked up a bug from somewhere – as 2 year olds tend to do. But the next day 5 people in our house had either a fever, runny nose, cough, or combination thereof.

We ruled out flu/viral symptoms because there were no other flu like symptoms, and even though my wife was afflicted, our newborn son (whom she was in constant contact with) remained symptom free – thank goodness.

Because of my knowledge about basement health and the potential affects of mold in the house (knowledge acquired through my continual participation in the Basement Health Association), I decided to look in my crawlspace to see if there was any mold. Now – I had looked in my crawlspace at least a dozen times in the past 6 months and never saw any signs of mold or moisture. Sure enough this time – there was mold. I used an instant read mold test stick that I obtained from EZ-Breathe, and it showed me instantly that there was mold.

So I immediately called my local mold remediation contractor, but he wasn’t available for at least a few days. I couldn’t just sit around and let my newborn son sit in a house with mold. So I immediately installed a SantaFe dehumidifier and an EZ-Breathe ventilation system.

The very next day, everybody in the house was symptom free. For me the biggest relief wasn’t just not having a runny nose and fever anymore – it was knowing that my family was safe again.

So when we talk to you about moisture management and offer you solutions like Full Wall Encapsulation, Dehumidification, and Ventilation, we are doing it to make your house safer and your family healthier. It worked for my family, and it will work for yours!