Health Problems

It might seem odd to be talking about health problems on a waterproofing website.  But unfixed water and moisture problems can have a lasting negative effect on your family’s health.  We certainly cannot fix any existing health problems, but we can fix the environmental factors that contribute to them.


High levels of humidity and moisture in the air can contribute to increased insect activity, especially dust mites, which can trigger allergic reactions and Asthma attacks.  Dust mites cannot survive in an environment where the RH (Relative Humidity) is below 50{ee054501d5217c216c7235f344da8032b867c2530b2dc93d68a6d1ea6b963ea2}.   The American Lung Association recommends maintaining an RH level BELOW 50{ee054501d5217c216c7235f344da8032b867c2530b2dc93d68a6d1ea6b963ea2} for optimum health and comfort.

Respiratory Problems

High levels of moisture in the home can lead to mold growth througout the house.  Reactions to mold can range from mild to severe.  Both The Center for Disease Control  AND theEnvironmental Protection Agency recommend maintaining an RH level BELOW 50{ee054501d5217c216c7235f344da8032b867c2530b2dc93d68a6d1ea6b963ea2} at all times.

Snoring/Sleeping Problems

One of the common causes of snoring is an allergic reaction to dust mites.  You can have between 100,000-10,000,000 dust mites in your bed alone.  They are there because the RH in your home is too high.  Keeping the RH below 50{ee054501d5217c216c7235f344da8032b867c2530b2dc93d68a6d1ea6b963ea2} will also keep the dust mites at bay.


High moisture levels can not only cause increased Dust Mite activity, but also Cockroaches, Silverfish, Centipedes, Spiders, Bacteria and even Viruses!  When insects crawl around the house, and across your kitchen counters and bathroom floors, they are leaving tracks of bacteria behind them.

Lung Cancer

Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in America.  High levels of moisture do not cause a radon problem, but the installation of an OPEN SYSTEM to manage your water problem can introduce radon into your living area.  Proper sealing of any systems, as well as full encapsulation of all crawlspaces, and proper sealing of walls and floors is essential to minimizing the affects radon can have on your family’s health.  If your radon levels are high enough, you may even need to install a professional Radon Remediation system by a licensed and certified Radon Remediation Specialist.