Moisture Solutions

What you might not be aware

Commercial Grade Dehumidifiers

A typical dehumidifier that you pick up from your local hardware store will theoretically max out at about 40 pints per day.  (but most max out far sooner because the coils freeze up before hitting that mark).    The stack effect alone introduces 3x’s that much moisture into the air.  To make any serious dent in the RH level of your home, you need at least 1 Commercial Grade Dehumidifier.  We offer Oscar and Santa Fe brand Commercial Grade Dehumidifiers.  

Whole Home Ventilation Systems

A Whole Home Ventilation System in essence reverses the Stack Effect in your home.  By placing the unit in the lowest level of your home, it pulls the air from the upper floors down and vents it outside, instead of allowing the moist basement air to rise up into the house.  These units can cycle the air in the entire house several times per day, carrying away not just moisture, but also Radon and other indoor air pollutants.    We offer EZ-Breathe Home Ventilation Systems. 


In addition to a good dehumidifier or ventilation system, you should also be sure to encapsulate any crawlspace areas, as well as install an impermeable wall covering on your basement walls.  This prevents moisture from wicking through the concrete and entering your home.  Crawlspaces should have both the walls and floors completely covered, including any support pillars.  Encapsulation is typically done with fiber reinforced HDPE sheeting.  This is a thick plastic sheet with a woven fiber mesh in the middle to prevent punctures and tearing.