One of the most important (and most often overlooked) components of comprehensive water and moisture management is Crawlspace Encapsulation and Wall Coverings.  Cinderblock, Concrete, and Stone walls are porous and will allow both water and air (moist air) to flow through at alarming rates  (15-20 gallons of water vapor every day!).   By encapsulating your crawlspace and basement walls, you can drastically reduce the amount of water vapor entering your home.  There are a few different options available, depending on your situation.


If you have stone foundation walls, Parging is an option, and sometimes a requirement, depending on the condition of the walls.  If they have been neglected for too long, you may have no choice but to parge.  Parging is adding a layer of cement over the stone walls, and in the voids between the stones.  If the original grout has been compromised too much, you may have more than just a water problem, you may have a potential structural disaster waiting to happen.

Fiber Reinforced HDPE

This is ideal for full crawlspace encapsulation, as well as a good option for basement walls.  The HDPE sheets are impermeable to water and water vapor.  They provide a clean, bright look.

Rigid HDPE Panels

This is a good option for poured concrete or block foundation walls with minimal obstructions.  Similar to HDPE sheets, the panels are impermeable and leave a clean, bright finish, but have a harder, rigid structure.