Category: Basement Waterproofing

What to Expect During Exterior Waterproofing in Philadelphia PA

Exterior Waterproofing in Philadelphia PA Your basement has been leaking and you found a professional contractor you trust to deal with the issue. This is the first step to ensuring a long term solution to the leak. After considering the options, you decided to go with exterior waterproofing and now you’re wondering what to expect….

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Moisture Solutions: The Difference between Commercial Grade and Residential Dehumidifiers

Moisture Solutions Do you have a large basement? You may be familiar with moisture and the devastating effect it can have on property. You may even be experiencing the adverse effects of mold and mildew. If you’ve spoken to a waterproofing contractor, you’re probably aware that you’ll need a combination of moisture solutions to keep…

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How Ground Water Can Seep into Your Basement

How Does Ground Water Get in My Basement? Most basement contractors have to deal with ground water leaks on a regular basis. These leaks are caused by the collection of rainwater or the presence of a spring underneath the basement. This exerts pressure on the foundation walls of the basement, known as hydrostatic pressure. The…

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